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Hello and welcome!!


We are so thrilled that you have come to Movement. Strength. Training to try one of our services out. We appreciate your business and are thrilled to be apart of your fitness and wellness journey. We want to make your first time as special and unique as possible. If you have any request, whether that be music requests, workout requests, or any modifications you want us to be aware of prior to our time together, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


We look forward to working with you!


Class Descriptions
Fit Couple

Fully Ton'd 

(50 mins)

Want something fun, dynamic and next level?! Fully Ton'd will equally focus on cardio, strength and target toning aka those hard to reach and lift areas. You will explore dynamic movements, while focusing on form and endurance.

Folding Yoga Mat

Fully Ton'd Express 

(30 mins)

Love Fully Ton'd but only have 30 minutes? Fully Ton'd Express is a 30 minute Full Body class, packed with Cardio, Strength and Target toning for all of those hard to reach areas. It's the class we call, Expresso. It moves fast, but with focus on form and endurance.

Fit Woman

Pilates Push

(50 mins)

Pilates Push will take your pilates mat work to another level. There will be some added strength, cardio and classical pilates mat sequences with a bit more Push! Always a sweaty fun time.

Practicing Yoga

Pilates Glutes & Abs Express 

(30 mins)

Need some focused Glute and Ab work? This class is perfect for those looking for focused work for and only have 30 minutes. Perfect add on for after a cardio session.


Fully Cardio

50 minutes or 30 minutes of pure sweat, cardio and abs to top it all off. Wear your sneakers and bring a towel. 

Twist Pose

Stretch & Recovery

Stretching and Recovering the body after a long work week. This class is active in approach. You will focus on ways to improve overall flexibility, reset your body and mind and recover your muscles before the new week begins. Modifications given. No equipment is required.




Khetanya H.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Khetanya’s passion for fitness began with her love for acting, dance and music. She began her fitness career in New York City, working amongst the city’s top celebrity trainers and now trains and instructs in Los Angeles, California. She is trained and certified in formats such as Dance Cardio, Trampoline, Sculpt, Pilates MAT, Pilates Reformer, HITT, TRX, Barre and Boot Camp. In her classes and private sessions, you can expect challenging sequences that will build endurance, strength and lean muscles. She plays a variety of dance and sing along jams from top 40 to hip hop to old school R&B that will energize and motivate you. 

The SXYSX Team

Kara G.

An Academy of Healing Nutrition graduate and with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness space, Kara Griffin is a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, and personal trainer who uses western science and eastern medicine for a complete, mindful approach. Kara's approach to food is one of holistic nutrition, looking at the nutrients, properties, and energetics of food and how they serve the body. She doesn't apply a prescriptive diet but rather guides clients to know their body and constitutions on a deeper level. She teaches ingredient awareness and the benefits of anti inflammatory and detoxifying foods to allow people to connect to what they're putting in their bodies and why. 

Laura Q.

Laura began her training at Baltimore County Youth Ballet at age 7 and went on to attend Baltimore School for the Arts for her high school years. During the summers she studied at Kirov Ballet school and Miami City Ballet. Once moved to LA she danced for artist and on tv: Ariana, weeknd, dancing with the stars, Selena Gomez and more. She has since taken her ballet background and got certified in personal training, yoga, nutrition, and movement and brought two together to help people understand their body better and train smarter. 

Kalah B.

Kalah started her dance training at the age of 4 and although dance is Kalah’s first love she also has a deep passion for the sciences. She pursued this passion at the Illustrious Tuskegee University and obtained a B.S. in Animal, Poultry and Veterinary Sciences in 2012. Kalah also dedicates her time as mentor and choreographer to The Essence Dance Team, a youth based dance team that promotes self-esteem, character building and performance. In 2015 Kalah became a certified ASA! Fitness Instructor! Kalah began her apprenticeship with Giwayen Mata in September 2015 and has been a member ever since. 

Lealah A.

Lealah was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia to Ra-Aum Henderson and co-founder of Giwayen Mata, Sarahn Henderson. She has been a Giwayen Mata company member since 2015.  She began her African dance career at an early age influenced by following her mother and sister to dance rehearsals, classes and shows. Lealah has a passion for African dance and has recently found a love for playing the djembe. When Lealah isn't dancing, she is teaching third grade at Unidos Dual Language School. Lealah enjoys sharing her love for African dance with her students as she inspires learning through dance and movement.  

Vanessa D.

Vanessa has been a movement leader for over 15 years.  She brings her positive energy and heartwarming attitude to everything she does.  As a former professional ballerina, and Las Vegas Showgirl she has cultivated a deep love for movement and the power it holds.  As a yogi she shares her infectious energy to invite others to find their unique path to joy.  The power is within all of us.  Embrace your life with an open heart and compassion, and welcome abundance into your life! Many thanks to Khetanya for allowing me space to share and offer guidance through mindful meditation. 

Michael M.

Michael is an artist, a dance choreographer and teacher  born in Johannesburg South Africa.  Michael performs a mix of South African  dance forms known as Pantsula/ Gumboot and Zulu dance. A former Cirque du Soleil featured artist in award winnning show, Love, The Beatles Show and currently working as a free lance artist. living between Las Vegas and Eugene Oregon. 

Marlene W.

This Houston, TX native loves dancing to almost anything Beyoncé!!!! She spends her life on the move and is always ready to bust a groove. Marlene beams with joy and light, your burn and confidence she’s sure to ignite! Take her class, you won’t forget, all the fun you had dancing your way to getting toned and fit!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." 

-Dr. Seuss

Natalie W.

Natalie received a 3 year scholarship at the age of 18 to train at The Centre Performing Arts College in London. Upon graduating she became the Dance Captain for 3 contracts onboard Costa Cruises, traveling the world. Upon returning to England, Natalie performed on numerous shows as Dance Captain in and around London’s famous West End. In January 2013, Natalie moved to Los Angeles and has been working and performing as a dancer and choreographer for many companies in LA. Some of her credits includes her choreographing and dancing for projects and venues such as, Sia, the Pussycat Dolls, The Hollywood Undead, The Greek Theatre, Radio City Music Hall, Warner Brothers Studios and many more.

Madisyn M.

Originally from Boston, MA, Madisyn trained in dance and gymnastics until receiving her BFA in Commercial Dance at Pace University in NYC. She then moved to Los Angles to pursue her professional career in dance, choreography, and fitness. Madisyn has been a fitness trainer at Body By Simone for almost three years. She has worked professionally in Burlesque, music videos, live performances and more! She is ecstatic to share her energy with all of you! 

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