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Hello and welcome!!


We are so thrilled that you have come to Movement. Strength. Training to try one of our services out. We appreciate your business and are thrilled to be apart of your fitness and wellness journey. We want to make your first time as special and unique as possible. If you have any request, whether that be music requests, workout requests, or any modifications you want us to be aware of prior to our time together, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


We look forward to working with you!


Fit Couple

Fully Ton'd 

(50 mins)

Want something fun, dynamic and next level?! Fully Ton'd will equally focus on cardio, strength and target toning aka those hard to reach and lift areas. You will explore dynamic movements, while focusing on form and endurance.

Folding Yoga Mat

Fully Ton'd Express 

(30 mins)

Love Fully Ton'd but only have 30 minutes? Fully Ton'd Express is a 30 minute Full Body class, packed with Cardio, Strength and Target toning for all of those hard to reach areas. It's the class we call, Expresso. It moves fast, but with focus on form and endurance.

Fit Woman

Pilates Push

(50 mins)

Pilates Push will take your pilates mat work to another level. There will be some added strength, cardio and classical pilates mat sequences with a bit more Push! Always a sweaty fun time.

Practicing Yoga

Pilates Glutes & Abs Express 

(30 mins)

Need some focused Glute and Ab work? This class is perfect for those looking for focused work for and only have 30 minutes. Perfect add on for after a cardio session.


Fully Cardio

50 minutes or 30 minutes of pure sweat, cardio and abs to top it all off. Wear your sneakers and bring a towel. 

Twist Pose

Stretch & Recovery

Stretching and Recovering the body after a long work week. This class is active in approach. You will focus on ways to improve overall flexibility, reset your body and mind and recover your muscles before the new week begins. Modifications given. No equipment is required.